Fukuoka City, located on the northern shore of Japan's Kyushu Island, has become an attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses in Japan. Here are six reasons why Fukuoka City is a perfect place for foreign entrepreneurs to launch their startups:

Startup Visa

Fukuoka City offers a startup visa to foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business in Japan. The startup visa is a special visa that allows entrepreneurs to stay in Japan for up to one year to establish their business and switch to the Management visa.

Startup Tax Incentives

The Japanese government offers tax incentives to startups, and Fukuoka City has a special tax reduction program for startup companies. The program provides tax exemptions for up to five years for qualifying businesses.


Fukuoka City is a compact city, with a population of approximately 1.6 million people. The city is known for its harmony between urban and natural environments, making it an attractive destination for those who want to live in a bustling city without sacrificing access to nature. The cost of living in Fukuoka City is also lower than Tokyo, which is a huge advantage for entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses.

Affordable Office Space

Office space in Fukuoka City is also more affordable than in Tokyo. Recently, many office buildings have opened, and the shortage of office space in the city center is being alleviated.

Growth Potential

Fukuoka City has a thriving startup ecosystem, with many successful startups emerging from the city in recent years. The city has a large number of universities, research institutes, and large corporations, which provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to collaborate and network. In addition, Fukuoka City is strategically located, with easy access to other major Asian cities, making it an ideal location for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their businesses beyond Japan.

Welcoming Culture

Fukuoka has been a thriving commercial city and a hub for exchange with the Asian continent since ancient times. As a result, there is a welcoming culture in Fukuoka towards people who come to settle here. In fact, the number of foreigners residing in Fukuoka city has exceeded 35,000.

In conclusion, Fukuoka City offers a unique opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses in Japan. The city's startup visa and tax incentives, combined with its livability, affordable office space, and growth potential, make it an ideal destination for startups. With its thriving startup ecosystem and strategic location, Fukuoka City is the perfect place for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their businesses in Japan and beyond.