Business Startup Support in English

Working alongside a team of experts, we can quickly facilitate processes such as obtaining visas for residency and establishing a company in Fukuoka. Additionally, we can provide legal compliance checks for your business plan and assist with researching and obtaining any necessary permits and licenses. You will no longer need to search for experts every time you need to complete a procedure in Japan.

Initial FeeLegal consultation and legal review of your new business plan
(up to five hours of work)
Visa Application (Optional)Support for applying for your visa and obtaining status of residence
(The estimated cost for the services provided by external specialists)
JPY 350,000 and up
KK Incorporation (Optional)Setting up a stock company (KK, Kabushiki-kaisha)
(The total fee and cost of external experts, including registration license tax, etc)
Approx. JPY400,000
GK Incorporation (Optional)Setting up a limited liability company (GK, Godo-kaisha)
(The total fee and cost of external experts, including registration license tax, etc)
Approx. JPY200,000

Legal Advisory Service in English

Running a business can be challenging, particularly when it comes to navigating the legal landscape. Even if you have successfully started a business in Fukuoka, legal challenges may arise along the way. As trusted corporate lawyers, we are here to support you through any legal issues that may come up. Our corporate legal services are provided under a Monthly Retainer Agreement. While we are able to offer our services entirely in English, there are not many law firms in Fukuoka that can do the same. The scope of our corporate lawyer services includes the following:

Legal consultationYou can consult with us through methods convenient for you, such as in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, Zoom, online-chat, and more.
Collection of debtWe support the swift collection of outstanding debts by sending a registered letter of demand under the lawyer's name, among other measures.
Contract drafting and reviewWe have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing contracts, and we are able to handle contracts written in English as well.
Labor IssuesSupport for complying with Japan's complex labor laws and preventing or resolving issues with your employees.
Protection of intellectual propertyAdvice on intellectual property rights acquisition and protection.

Fee schedule for Monthly Retainer Agreement:

PlansBase Monthly FeeBase Working Hours Per MonthAdditional Charge
(Hourly Rate)
Regularly occurring cost every monthThe time included in the Base Monthly FeeTime charge incurred for additional work beyond the base working hours

Compliance Review

If you plan to do business in Japan, it's important to ensure that your business plan complies with Japanese laws and regulations. For instance, flying drones is heavily restricted in certain areas of Japan. Moreover, some industries are subject to foreign investment regulations. We can assist you by checking the legality of your business plan in advance and helping you to conduct business in accordance with Japanese law.

Business plan compliance review: JPY110,000 and up (depending on the difficulty and amount of work)

How to get started

If you're interested in our services or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us from the contact form. We will do our best to respond promptly to any inquiries you may have. Thank you for considering us!